radlock's Thor #300 - Twilight of the Gods! review


This is a great extra large edition. From the start you have no clue how Thor or the earth is going to get out of this one. How do gods take on their creators? Even when all of the gods of all mythology band together and give Odin the power to activate the Destroyer (supposedly invincible armor) that can focus all of their energy into blasts that could destroy a whole world, they are no match against the beings that have come to judge the world. What can Thor do, when he sees Odin fall and the life of Asgard dispersed? Entering the fray with all of his wrath, he still is nothing but a fly. Earth's dilemma is solved by a literal deus ex machina - Mother Earth wins a 'yes' vote for the planet and all of its life.

This issue was well written and fun to read... especially after the long drawn-out history of Thor in the issues preceding this one.


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