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Asgard Moves To Latveria

The Story:  
Loki convinces Balder to move Asgard to Latveria. William follows Kelda there not wanting to live without her. With Mjolnir recently broken in battle with Bor, Thor goes to Doctor Strange to see if he can fix it. Jane Foster figures out where the soul of Sif is and Thor races to free her. Loki and Doctor Doom continue to work together for their own means and William discovers what they are up to. He is killed in battle but not before he whispers Loki's name to Balder. Doombots were sent to kill Donald Blake but failed in their attempt.  

My Thoughts:  
J. Michael Straczynski continues to impress with his work on this series. Since I started reading it I've been hooked. I love what he's doing with Thor and continue to look forward to what he does next. The team-up of Loki and Doctor Doom has been very interesting thus far and poses a formidable challenge for Thor in time to come as well as the rest of the Asgardians. We finally see the return of Sif in this volume which some might find long overdue well others may say it's right on time. Either way you look at it things are heating up and you know something big is going to happen very soon.

Unfortunately Oliver Coipel was not on this volume but it's almost as if he never left. Marko Djurdjevic steps in and does an outstanding job on the artwork. His style bares a striking resemblance to that of Coipel's. Not quite as good but definitely still very pleasing. He does a great job capturing Thor and the rest of the Asgardians in action.

Unfortunately this is the end of Straczynski's run on Thor, but he's done an excellent job laying the groundwork for the next writer to come in and pick up. I can only hope this series remains on the same caliber as it is right now. Definitely check this out if you haven't. 

Rating: 5/5

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