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Watching TV in Jane Foster's apartment with his buddies, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun, Thor finds out that the Firelord is serving a rebel faction in the Republic of Coste Verde. Since Thor had helped free Firelord from his service to Galactus, Thor feels he is responsible for stopping Firelord.

Thor and Jane fly to the republic, where Thor notifies the president that he will aid him against the rebels and Firelord. In the jungle we find out that Firelord is not acting on his own, but is entranced by a woman named Gypsy. She uses a special gem on her forehead to 'convince' Firelord that the rebels are the good guys.

When Thor and Jane are ambushed by rebel soldiers, Firelord enters the battle. Thor gains the upper hand, until Jane Foster's life is threatened. This stops Thor long enough for Gypsy to brainwash him into thinking that he should fight alongside Firelord -- for 'liberty.'

Meanwhile in Asgard, something is obviously wrong. Odin has at his side Igron as his advisor. Systematically Odin sends any dissenters to the Molten Mire Pits. Balder and Hildegarde discuss this change in Odin, but are overheard by an informant.

The next issue will reveal what happens to Thor as a lackey of Gypsy and what will be the consequences of Balder and Hildegarde's mumblings.

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