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Thor, Hercules, and Firelord delve into the inner layers of Ego, the living planet, to confront or destroy Ego's mind.

STORY (Spoilers!):

Odin observes from afar how Thor, Hercules, Firelord, and Galactus travel through space to face Ego, the living planet. Odin wants to know why Thor has allied himself with Asgard's enemy, Galactus. When he discovers that this alliance has been struck in order to prevent Ego from destroying the universe, he decides to not interfere with Thor's affairs. This distresses Sif, because she wants Odin to help Thor. But Odin refuses to change his mind.

Galactus' ship is attacked by Ego, so that it crashes on the surface. Thor, Firelord (Galactus' herald), and Hercules exit the ship, while Galactus stays behind, working on his own plan to take care of Ego.

Even before the three get out of the ship, they are attacked by green bug-eyed creatures created by Ego. They are strong, but not as strong as these juggernauts.

Having dispatched these creatures, Thor and his friends are faced by Ego himself, who rises up from the surface like a purple giant. Thor calls up all the powerful forces of the surface's weather: hurricane, gale, and tornado. Ego is driven back. An earthquake opens the earth, and lightning fires up the molten soil around the figure. Ego sinks into the earth.

The three head down into the earth through the hole that the giant has made during its retreat. Underground they find Ego's mind, but are immediately assaulted by more green monstrosities. While Firelord and Hercules wrestle these new creations of Ego, Thor strikes the floating brain with Mjolnir. The issue ends with a massive explosion, leaving us wondering if Thor has succeeded or doomed them all.

SIDESTORY: Hildegarde uses Odin's Visi-Globe to check on her sister Krista's condition. She finds her recovering from the surgery, which Donald Blake has performed on her.

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