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Thor Banished From Asgard

The Story:  
An injured Thor decides to go into the Odinsleep to restore his health. While in there, Odin retells a story to Thor about his fathers death. Donald Blake goes to Jane Foster who he thinks the soul of Sif may be residing. Loki's schemes continue as he attempts totrick Balder and turn him against Thor. Loki tells Balder he is Thor's stepbrother and that Thor has known all along and kept it from him. Loki brings back Bor, father of Odin who was turned to snow long ago. He wreaks havoc upon New York not knowing where or when he is. Thor goes to stop him not knowing his true identity. Before Balder and Loki get there Thor finally overcame Bor and took his life. After killing a king of Asgard Thor is banished from Asgard forever. 

My Thoughts: 
Once again J. Michael Straczynski did a fantastic job crafting a compelling story. Everything is being executed brilliantly. I like the flashbacks to when Loki was taken in as Odin's son and the part about Bor being turned to snow. It added insight to past kings of Asgard which was nice to see and become more familiar with them. This scheme Straczynski has Loki unravelling has me on the edge of my seat. To have Thor kill the first king of Asgard was brilliant. Balder had no choice but to banish Thor from Asgard after that. I'm still curious to see how Doctor Doom will play into this. It appears at the end of this volume that Loki wants to move Asgard to Latveria. But to what end? I have no idea at all but can't wait to find out.

Once again the art is done by Oliver Coipel who truly does a phenomenal job. I love the way he draws Thor. He is truly a talented artist. I know the colorists play a part in bringing his art to the next level as well. This comic is worth the art alone.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics I have ever read. Yes it really is that good. If you haven't read this yet you definitely need to. It is worth every penny. 

Rating: 5/5
Posted by MTHarman

I loved this story within the Dark Reign event
Posted by shawn87
@MTHarman said:
" I loved this story within the Dark Reign event "
Same here. This is one of my favorites 

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