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Galactus and Ego the Living Planet, trapped in a cosmic duel! With his enemy occupied, will Thor and the Recorder be able to pull the wool over Galactus’ eyes? Plus, meet the Wanderers, an alien race of nomads intent on finding a new home after they’re homeland was destroyed by Galactus. Will Thor be the savior that the Wanderers so desperately need?

Thor and the Recorder are drifting in outer space unconscious after their starship has been destroyed by the battle between Galactus and the living planet Ego. They are picked up and healed by the Wanderers, a remnant of a people, whose planet had been destroyed by Galactus ages ago. The Wanderers want to assist Thor in defeating Galactus.

Ego fights the planet-devourer with his Destructiblast and tentacles of energy, but is beaten back by Galactus, who summons asteroids and comets to pummel the planet's face.

Even before Thor and the Wanderers can enter the melee, their starship is struck by flying space debris. Climbing out onto the hull, Thor hurls Mjolner at Galactus with such force that Galactus exclaims, "For the first time in a millenium my limbs have tasted pain!!"

Thor then flies toward the giant and starts to pound on him, but is grabbed and hurled as a weapon toward Ego. The living planet slows Thor's speed so that he lands safely on the planet surface. There he finds the Wanderers, whom Ego had rescued during Thor's brief skirmish with Galactus.

Thor's allies connect his Uru hammer to a piece of their ship. Thor focuses all of his energy through the hammer. The ongoing blast is so powerful that Galactus is driven back to his star craft weak and in pain. He has no choice but to flee.

Suddenly the planet surface changes from a wasteland into a paradise. A figure rises from the ground and invites the Wanderers to make this planet their home - an act of gratitude for the defeat of their mutual enemy, Galactus.







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