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Thomas Logan is an abusive father who beats his son, nicknamed Dog, with the slightest provocation. This is mainly due to his addiction to alcohol. He is the Howlett's groundskeeper. It is also found out that he is having an affair with Elizabeth Howlett. It is strongly implied that Logan is the father of James Howlett who eventually becomes better known as Wolverine.

After a few mishaps involving Dog, John Howlett fires Thomas Logan. Thomas then breaks in to the Howlett's home and tries to convince Elizabeth to run away with him. John interrupts, and the two begin to fight. Thomas shoots John in the head. James sees it and kills Thomas.

Mayor Story Arcs

Wolverine goes to Hell

Wolverine: vol 4 #5

Recently, Thomas Logan was seen in Hell with former Alpha Flight member Puck discussing to each other that Wolverine must survive his punishment from the Devil in order to survive and beat the Devil himself. After Wolverine was able to subdue the demon Thomas Logan showed up and told Wolverine that it's time to talk father to son confirming that Thomas Logan is indeed the father of James Howlett. During their talk, Thomas was saying how much he was proud of his son after he heard all the stories about Wolverine's battle and his reputation as a killer. Thomas stated that Wolverine made the Logan name into a name of fear and of respect. He even forgave his son about killing him when Logan was just a child. Eventually, Thomas tried to persuade Wolverine into getting the soul cutter and becoming the new ruler of Hell do Thomas can get all the power. However, after Wolverine as able to get the soul cutter, he threw it towards the demons which caused Thomas to be furious at Wolverine calling him a coward and saying he is no son of his. As a response, Wolverine attacked his own father like he did many years ago while saying that he was glad that he was not recognized as a son towards Thomas and slashed his face. Afterwards Wolverine goes with Puck and tries to get back into the world of the living.

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