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Thingummy Blob made it's debut in issue 500 of Sparky in 1974 by Albert Holroyd. The comic strip was revived in The Dandy in February 2011 by Jamie Smart.


The Creation of Thingummy
In the original Sparky comic strip, Thingummy Blob was the accidental creation of Professor T. Pott who was attempting to create the super exilir of life. With a vial of the elixir of life in hand he excitedly rushed to inform the Royal Institute of Scientific Discoveries when he tripped and the vial flew through the air and landed in a bucket of water. To his shock a jelly-like creature peered over the top of the bucket and smiled at him. Named Thingummy Blob the creature followed his creator everywhere dispite the Professors attempts to rid himself of the blob by any means.
In the revived Dandy comic strip Thingummyblob was the creation of the evil genius, Simon. With his Create-o-Chamber he attempted to create an evil goo henchman to aid him in world domination. Instead he got Thingummyblob. All Thingummy wants to do is play and have fun, much to Simons annoyance as he attempts to use Thingummy's shapeshifting for his own evil ends.

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