Would U Buy It #60: "The Thing: Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger"

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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:The Thing: Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger.
Alternate Title:The Thing on Battleworld.
TPB Cover:The Thing #11.
Collecting 12 Issues:The Thing #11-22.

Covers (click to enlarge):


Six years before John Stewart patrolled the patchwork Mosaic on Oa, The Thing wandered the Beyonder's patchwork Battleworld, after the Secret Wars. Choosing to stay, because he could turn back and forth to Ben Grimm, the Thing had a number of adventures on Battleworld, before returning to Earth. Personally, this was a favorite storyline for me, when it was coming out. I'd love to see this collected into TPB.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


Did U Buy It? (10/31/12): Way back on April 17, 2012, The Qu let me know that Marvel was getting ready to reprint these issues. Thing Classic Volume 2 collects the proposed Thing #11-22, plus Fantastic Four #274 (1961 series), which I forgot was connected to this storyline. They used a rework of the FF cover as the cover to the TPB. I didn't realize Marvel had started a Thing Classic series, but let's hear it for another success! So did you buy it?


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Thanks again!

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Even though this wasn't one of my favorite Thing story-arcs, yes I would buy a TPB of his adventures on Battleworld.
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@PowerHerc: Yeah, I thought these stories rocked. :)
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Looks like somebody listened! The exact contents of this are in Thing Classic vol. 2, solicited in the July 2012 solicits. Cheers!

#4 Posted by cbishop (7582 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Qu said:

Looks like somebody listened! The exact contents of this are in Thing Classic vol. 2, solicited in the July 2012 solicits. Cheers!

WOOHOO! THAT. IS. AWESOOOOOOOOME! I'll call this one "success." lol Thanks for the news. :)

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