What happened to the Thing in 1986?

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Hi everyone,

I just got finished reading The Thing (1983-1986). At the end of the series, he's sick... clammy with weird pink splotches all over him. He busts out of the hospital and ends up walking alone down a beach. The comic says we find out what happens in West Coast Avengers #10. So I dug around to find this issue... and all that's in it is a silhouette of Thing saying he won't join there team... and no indication of where the story continues. I see he's back in FF 296, but he seems fine.

Can anyone tell me what happens with The Thing? I'm guessing it's resolved in some other series like a two in one.

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@PunchMonkey: He was going through some sort of mutation but I never found out what caused it or why it went away so quickly. All I know is that he wanted to join the Avengers but couldn't because he was so self-concious about his condition.

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He was mutating further and wanted to be left alone.

Ben went to Monster Isle where he befriended the Mole Man and lived until the other members of the FF found him there and convinced him to return to his former life.

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