Thing is strong.. But what about Ben?

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So, Thing we know that he is quite strong and all, but what about Ben? What's his ability? I heard he is able to break from his shell with some weird potion. What then? What if he encounters a criminal then? Does he have any combat ability or anything at all? Or is he just a walking diploma without his rocky exterior? 


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I think he's got the strength of a guy his age in pretty good shape. But since he's getting old he's probably not close to a powerhouse. 
Back in the early 2000's when he had the ability to change back and forth I kinda wished he'd work out his organic body and get much stronger when he changed back to Thing. But then he lost the ability.....course then they did the idea with She-Hulk a bit later.
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the potion only lasts for one week and can only be used once a year....Ben is just a normal guy when his powers are turned off

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Ben was a skilled fighter who'd been on alot of Black Ops missions before he ever became a super hero.  Now I would imagine that if he lost his powers, he'd have to adjust his tactics because he's used to fighting in a body that's hard to hurt and strong as hell, but I think he's skilled enough that he can hold his own with most of the 'skilled normals' of the Marvel universe.

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Ben was raised on the mean streets of NYC where he was once a member and leader of the Yancy Street Gang.  While in high school and college he competed in sports including football and boxing.  After he graduated from college he joined the military and was trained to become a skilled and experienced pilot and fighter.  Since then Ben became the Thing and has had innumerable battles with a veritable who's who of Marvel characters.  His hand to hand fighting experience is immense.   
Based on this; when Ben is in his human form he is still a trained, skilled and experienced fighter who would be quite capable of holding his own against most non-powered opponents without a high level of fighting ability.

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