The Thing's Fiance ?

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Ok I was reading a issue of F4 anyway in it The Thing was going to get married ? Now I was wondering... who is this woman and what ever happend to Alicia Masters ? I thought they were great together ?

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Seriously? Who is she? Got any scans?

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Sorry no I don't.

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: I think it might be Debbie Green (she first appeared in Fantastic Four #554)

From Wikipedia:

Ben began dating a teacher named Debbie Green. [Fantastic Four #558] Their relationship went so well that, after only six weeks, Ben asked Debbie to marry him, which she accepted. [Fantastic Four #563] He later left her at the altar when he realizes the dangers of the wives of superheroes. [Fantastic Four #569]

And about Alicia Masters, also from Wikipedia :

After the Thing chooses to remain on an alien planet where he could change back to human form, Alicia falls in love with the dashing Human Torch, another member of the Fantastic Four. The Thing returns to unhappily attend their wedding.

However, a retroactive rewrite of the story published years later depicts the "Alicia Masters" that the Torch married was actually Lyja, a female member of the shapeshifting alien race the Skrulls, who had abducted and replaced Masters to serve as a spy. After the ruse is discovered, the real Alicia Masters is rescued from suspended animation by the Fantastic Four, unaware that any time had passed.

She subsequently becomes romantically involved with the Silver Surfer and eventually leaves Earth with him, traveling through outer space at his side in an armored suit that allows her to see energy signatures and take a more active role than she was previously capable of. Alicia later returns to Ben, but their reunion was short-lived due to the manipulations of the Puppet Master, and, with both having felt they'd moved on, they resolve to stay friends.

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Wow that really helps thanks.

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