The Thing isnt going to die in THREE!

#1 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

Many have speculated that because The Thing has become human for one day that he would die in THREE. 
But i say NAY! Becuase today, the event Fear was announced from Marvel and standing in the middle of a teaser is none other than THE THING! 



#2 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19148 posts) - - Show Bio

Neat, Dracula is there

#3 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (921 posts) - - Show Bio

So I guess it still makes Reed the most likely to die.

#4 Posted by PrinceIMC (5505 posts) - - Show Bio

Haven't each one of them 'died' at one point or another. I didn't think it was gonna be Thing since he's the one that died and was resurrected most recently anyway and he's got his spot on the New Avengers. I kinda think it should be Johnny, he's a big ball of unrealized potential anyway.
#5 Posted by I'maDC/ImageGuy! (1636 posts) - - Show Bio

Death is a joke in comics. Either Reed or Ben dies they'll eventually come back from the dead eventually.

#6 Posted by PowerHerc (86130 posts) - - Show Bio

You called that one right.

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