So.... who does Ben Job to in Fear Itself?

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Ok, so I know alot of with love for Ben Grimm are holding out hope that Ben Grimm gets one of what appears to be one of these cool-ass new 'Serpent Hammers' that are going to be picking wielders are part of the 'Fear Itself' story-line.  I think it would be fun to see Ben Grimm go villain for a bit, get a major powerup and then just when his friends need him most have a moment of clarity and be able to be the one that has the 'BIG DAMN HERO!' moment and save the day in the end.

Sadly, if you've followed the ever lovin' blue eyed thing in recent years you've probably learned (like me) hope in such things is rarely rewarded.  I'll be happy if I'm surprised, but personally I'm predicting that Ben fills his usually role of a recent years and gets f'd up by a new 'hammer wielder' to quickly establish them as a credible threat.  So who do you think it's going to be and why?

I'm guessing it'll be Bucky.  Which Is just a knee jerk gut reaction.  What do you guys think? Do you think Marvel has Ben do the JOB to establish one of the villain's of the series? And if so who do you think it'll be?

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I think Ben will be the one dishing out pain. He'll look extra cool and badass when he doesn't. Plus screaming out For JooooOOooOOohhhny! When he he does. Its Classic Rock with a Heavy Metal twist! Will be bittersweet seeing Benji go villain for a while, understandable but yeah... people with big hearts, you get them pushed beyond their threshold and... its not just Clobberin time, its ^%$*^& ^$^%& face break &%^$*&^ clobber$^(&^ing time. 0_0

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@SC:  I really hope a story of that magnitude is in store for Bashful Benji... I really really do.. but I've been hurt before.
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@scarbearer:  If your really keen, and i won't say who they are, but if your really keen to find out who the worthy are, there are some spoilers about on the interwebz. Showing the designs of the chosen. Marko Djurdjevic and Stuart Immonen designed them. Of course thats just visuals. Won't let us know about the story, but still, fingers crossed, and yah, I can't understand, being a Benji fan must be hard. 
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Well It didn't happen the way I necessarily thought it would but apparently Ben's role in Fear Itself was to 'do the Job' just like I thought it would be.
Bah, freakin' humbug.

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