Should Ben Grimm get an upgrade?

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SHould the Thing gain additional cosmic powers like energy blasts, maybe even flight? Not for an event like Fear Itself, but maybe an evolution of his powers, just how he has gotten stronger? I think that would be cool.... Your thoughts?

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He's good the way he is.

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@_slim_ said:
Nope.  He's good the way he is.
Hells yeah, people always downplay/ underestimate Thing, The guy fought with WWHulk and made him bleed.....a feat which no one else really did...even other class 100s
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I like Ben the way he is... If they're going to give him additional powers I'd only like it if it was a one-shot thing... 

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Anything they add would just not seem true to his character, he is far more likable with the powerset he has. The only power that would make sense is if he could manipulate his own body like diamondhead from ben10 but i wouldn't want him to be like that

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I kinda liked what they did to him in the Ultimate universe the rocky skin was just a shell and ben was still mutating underneath it in to an energy form 

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sh!t when did Grimm go energy in ultimate?

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@Chaos Burn
Honestly cant remember but he can switch between that and his human form at will and i think he was stronger and more durable.
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@Chaos Burn: Read Ultimate Comics: Doomsday, the volume, to get the whole story.
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@Ms. Omega said:

I kinda liked what they did to him in the Ultimate universe the rocky skin was just a shell and ben was still mutating underneath it in to an energy form 

They could do something like this but instead of be all cosmic powered he could just turn from solid rock to solid diamond. Like the rocky form we've seen all these years was simply a shell and underneath he's completely diamond but can't change back like Emma Frost can. Maybe this could happen from Johnny's death which impacting him so much that it forced the transformation?
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I would like Ben to be able to continuously renew his power & draw strength from the Earth as long as he remains in contact with the ground, like the Giant Antaeus that Hercules fought in Ancient Greece. He is a rock-being, and Earth-based powers might apply nicely. I think that a lot of his recent losses are more due to him tiring out faster than his opponents. Drawing mass from the Earth to increase his density and size might also be interesting, if not overdone. But he is a physical character and should always have physical abilities. And he definitely needs to be top-tier again. No more jobbing!!! Only Thor, Hercules or the Green Hulk should surpass him.

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well unfortunately that's never gonna happen.


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He doesn't need no upgrade. He's awesome already.

Mebbe he aint no blasted Hulk, but he can still put some good-a** clobberin' on the best of 'em.

Gotta love 'im

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