Rulk (Is it true)

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Someone was ranting to me earlier on how strong rulk was, and one thing they said to me was that he scared the Thing out of a fight. 
Is that true? I know they met because I saw a cover with them  on it (I think for the Fall of the Hulks). 
Just wondering because I thought Thing fought everyone.
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I've only seen them together once in Hulk #19 and Thing wasn't afraid at all.

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Herc battled the thing disguised as Rulk in Mighty Avengers

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Thing and Rulk fought, and Thing was totally owning him until the end of the fight, and Rulk won by throwing him in a portal or something like that.

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I see. If its not too much to ask,
Does anybody have any scans? I cant find any.
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The Thing ain't scared of anybody!  Bring 'em on!  All of  'em!
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