Fighting? *Fantastic Four 588 Spoilers*

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Why was Thing fighting with Thor and Hulk in the final issue of Fantastic Four after getting the Johnny hologram thing? I didn't understand what was going on.

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I don't think we are supposed to yet. I know we get a glimpse of what is in the message in FF #1.  
He either didn't like something Johnny said, or he is simply just pissed that Johnny is dead. After all, as far as Thing is concerned, it was supposed to be him that died, but Johnny pushed him through the portal instead. 

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Thing just needed something to hit and take out his anger on and pretty much the only people on the planet who could take that from him are Thor and Hulk...they really didn't fight back that much

#4 Posted by sonic5328 (92 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself: I thought of that. I'm just confused as to why they are there.
#5 Posted by MrFantastic (225 posts) - - Show Bio
In cases of Traumatic Grief it is common for the grieving person to withdraw. It appeared in many of the previous panels in the book that Ben was in a pretty bad space, probably blaming himself for Johnny's death. It appears that Banner and Thor got together to attempt to get Ben to try to get these feelings out into the open so that he could start dealing with the grief. 
  It's sort of an intervention, an attempt for his friends to get him out of his shell, so that Ben could get in touch with his guilt in not being able to save his best friend.  These sort of interventions normally require an intense emotional breakthrough which can manifest quite physically when the patient breaks through the guilt.  Lucky for Ben he has friends like Thor and the Hulk who can take a punch or two.

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