Can Thing breathe underwater?

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I know he can withstand the pressure of ocean depths, but can he breathe underwater too? Or does he need to breathe at all?

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No but he can hold his breath for a long time.
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yeah he still needs to breather but he sinks really weel

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Hmm he can probably hold it for a pretty damn long good time
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he can hold it for 12 hours
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Though Reed's probably developed some doohickey that'll let him breathe underwater. He made one so Johnny could use his powers in space hasn't he?
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@PrinceIMC: idk
#8 Posted by Hadez (172 posts) - - Show Bio
@jayskee said:
" he can hold it for 12 hours "
how do you know that
#9 Posted by jayskee (1913 posts) - - Show Bio
fanastic four comic from the 90's
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No he can't, but back in an early issue of 'Marvel-Two-in-One", when Ben teamed-up with the Sub-Mariner, he took a pill that Mr. Fantastic had developed/invented to enable the user to breathe underwater for about an hour. 
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Does this answer your question,

and this is definitely not for an hour, remember hes casually fighting just like he does on land.

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