Ben in Ultimate Mystery (Spoiler)

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Really like what they did to Ben's skin in Ultimate Mystery hope they do something similar in the 616 universe think he deserves something new

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Ops forgot them
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Yeah, I like it too. I think they're going to try to hook him up with Sue now.

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So what powers does he have now?

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@ComicMan24:  he says that he still has the same powers as he did before
 @Shrekpop:  Valeria and the Future Foundation actually said that they have a way for Ben to turn his powers on and off...they said that he's always had the ability but Reed was always focused on only turning them off completely....the thing is that they told him this a few issues ago but haven't brought it up since
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@danhimself: Thanks.
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in a way we could be looking at the ultimate wonderman. Think about it, in ultimate human they used both pete wisdom and the leader as the same guy, and Jimmy Hudson is like his father and colossus.
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Woah cool

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Looks kinda cool but I think its been too long to just change mainstream Thing. A while back in 616 when they moved into the new Baxter Building could turn his powers on and off. Then they did a whole story where his skin was creating evil clones of himself and the only fix was that he not go back and forth between human and rocky forms. I hate that every few years they seem to do stuff like this completely ignoring the old stuff.

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 Ultimate Wonder Man?
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The cocoon thing is interesting.

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I think Ben should become Ultimate Wonder Man, with his new abilities it doesn't make sense for him to go back to "The Thing" as his character has obviously gone beyond that now not to mention it would be an interesting change compared to what we're use to in the mainstream universe.
Plus I wouldn't mind seeing Ben join the Ultimates, along with Sue, seeing as there isn't a Fantastic Four in this universe anymore and it would be interesting seeing them both on the team.

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Why does he need to be Rocky all the time? Ultimate Ben Grimm is WAY cooler the 616 Ben Grimm

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:

Ultimate Wonder Man?

Exactly what I was thinking. ^

Why make the Thing so similar to Wonder Man? Does Marvel really think they need, and the readers want, another Wonder Man?

The Thing is one of the coolest and most unique super-heroes ever. He pioneered the heroic-monster character first and still does it best. He's Marvel's original tough-guy with speech patterns and a sense of humor that totally fit him and to which no other character can compare. I hope this is temporary.

The Thing without rocky-orange skin just isn't the Thing.

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@PowerHerc: Well they did make Ultimate Reed into a better Ultimate Doom than the actual Ultimate Dr. Doom.

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir: More unnecessary tampering with a character just for the sake of making that character different and edgier than the 616 version, which is fine to a point but sometimes makes no sense (Ben) and other times hurts the character fundamentally (Reed).

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