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thing has been high up there in power rank for a long time and I haven't like it. BUT NOW! HE'S NUMBER FOUR!!! THIS TIME YOU'VE GONE TO FAR COMICVINE! Tell me what you think about this or if your going to do anything about it. Or you like it.

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f it's been said's been said a million is a Popularity to why he's popular IDK

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Lmao i was wondering the same thing yesterday, like Jean Grey would own him.

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obviously you're new, we've had much worse over the years

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You don't mess with the Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing!

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yay really like batman was number 2 but it is not always a popularity contest because galactus has been number one
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I'm pretty new here, but spammers much?  I love Aunt Petunia's ever lovin' blue eyed, idol o' millions but come on... 
Sunfire, with his ability to produce heat in excess of 1,000,000 degres (ie. ignite hydrogen in the atmosphere) on a whim is way more powerful than.. hell, i'll say it, batman.
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Yea I think TGalinsky is right... and Slight your probably right it is on Popularity but then why is Joker or batman not as popular as Thing there way more Popular its really just the casts on votes and who has most power I Guess...

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..he's in number 2 now :(
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he's 1 now but I can name a boatload of characters that would own Thing.

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How many times has the Hulk handed him his ass?  How many times has Dr. Doom, Annihilus, Namor, and that list goes on?

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@Slight said:

f it's been said's been said a million is a Popularity to why he's popular IDK


He's popular because he ROCKS!   
Pretty corny, huh?  Still he's the original Marvel tough-guy with a heart of gold.  I like him a lot (he's my second favorite character), but I have to admit he should'nt rank #1 or #2 or anywhere near that high.

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