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The Thieves Guild of New Orleans was set up at the same time as the Assassins Guild by the External Candra. They acted as her private thieves and payed tithe to her every seven years to gain the Elixir of Life. They also hunted for anything pertaining to the 'Old Kingdom' beacuse of the Guild Prophecies.

They later broke away from Candra, but still follow the Guild Prophecies to a certain extent. It was these prophecies that led to Jean-Luc LeBeau to step down as Guildmaster and hand the Guild over to Remy.

The heirarchy consists of a Guildmaster and a Council which is made up of one member from each 'family' within the Guild.

Other Media :

X-men The Animated series
:  Here they appeared  in the episode X-ternally Yours. Much of history remains the same although there is no mention of Jean-Luc Lebeau or any guild prophecies..  Although not many of the guild members are seen or mentioned either. 
X-men Evolution
: Here they are mentioned in the episode Cajun Spice.  Although not much is known about them other than them being rival guild to The Rippers (this version of  The Assassins Guild). 
Wolverine And The X-men: Here they are mention in episode 6 of the first season titled Thieves Gambit. Although there is not much know about them and it is unclear who the members are other than Gambit.

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