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Count Thespides

Count Thespides is a tall man, whose black locks are curled and scented. He has a pointed moustache. He wears a velvet hat (chaperon) with a scarlet feather fastened by a golden clasp. He wears pointed satin shoes and a gold-embroidered cote-hardie. He has an affected manner, but his muscles beneath his silks are steel. He carries Yasmela's glove beneath his baldric. He is a dandy who covets the Princess Yasmela's favor.

The Count is a man of honour, dedicated to his Princess and proud in battle. However, he is an aristocrat used to being followed, which means that he found it difficult to accept Conan’s command. He was the head of the Khorajan knights.

He died during the Battle of Shemla Pass after foolish (against Conan's wishes) charge on Natohk the Veiled One forces.

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