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Theodore Dyke Acland was born in 1851, the son of Sir Henry Wentworth Acland. He received his education from Winchester College and Christ Church. He attended Oxford University, where he received a Master of Arts, as well as the University of Leipzig and the University of Berlin. He received medical training at St. Thomas' Hospital. In 1883 he received his Doctor of Medicine from Oxford University, and became a Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. That same year he was sent to Egypt to deal with an outbreak of cholera. He became Principle Medical Officer in the Egyptian Army, as well as receiving the Order of the Medjidie. He eventually rose to the rank of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel. In 1888 he married William Gull's daughter Caroline Gull. In 1889 he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. Also in 1889 his first child, Aimee Sarah Agnes Dyke Acland was born, but later died in infancy. In 1890 his second child, Theodore William Gull Acland was born. In 1893 he became physician at St. Thomas' Hospital, where he later became Consulting Physician. He also became Governor of St. Thomas' Hospital, as well as of Royal Brompton Hospital. He also consulted for a number of boards and councils. In 1900 he became Medical Adviser to Reginald Wingate in Sudan. During the First World War he worked as a consulting physician in London. He died on April 16th 1931 at the age of 79. In August of that same year he received a posthumous Order of the Nile, second class.  

In Other Media

Acland is tied to the Jack the Ripper case mainly through his association with William Gull, who has been identified since the 1970s as being related in some way to the murders. He was first mentioned in the case by Dr Thomas E.A. Stowell, who studied under Acland and who suggested that Prince Albert Victor was the Ripper, and that Gull had attempted to certify him insane. Stowell claimed to have gotten most of his evidence from Caroline, Acland's wife. Later authors went further, especially Stephen Knight, suggested that the Acland's signing of his father-in-law's death certificate was indicative of his covering up the fact that Gull, the killer, had been certified insane and remanded to a mental institution and that Gull's death and subsequent burial was a sham intended to cover for the plot. 
He appeared in the miniseries Jack the Ripper, where he was played by actor Richard Morant. 

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