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During the Uranian Eternals' destruction, they rushed to completion a duplicate of Marvel Boy. The duplicate arose too late to be of any help, however - it was born an unstable creature with false and fractured memories. It believed that the Eternals' protective dome was destroyed, and it was the fault of bankers of Earth who stalled him when they denied his request for a loan to purchase medical supplies for his father. He rushed back to Earth to exact revenge, calling himself The Crusader, and he began a rampage. Armed with was later found to be the "Quantum Bands", he faced the Fantastic Four. When he lashed out in rage and nearly defeated them, but in his madness the bands found him to be unworthy and disintegrated the him, leaving just the Quantum Bands behind. These would be retrieved by Reed Richards, given to SHIELD, and passed down to Wendell Vaughn, the hero would take the name Marvel Boy and then Quasar.

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