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Thea Shilhausen was one of the top agents of the Sturm Staffel, serving under Heinrich Goertz. When Goertz informed his agents about someone stealing their war plans, Thea was the first to offer a clear plan for capturing the spy.

According to her plan, rumors circulated concerning new plans for a "large scale offensive" of World War II. Thea and other agents positioned themselves within the office building where the supposed plans were held. Waithing for their opponent to arrive. He did arrive and was met with bullets from all sides. Unfortunately for Thea, she had not counted on the opponent being bulletproof. It was the immortal "Mercury"/Makkari.

Thea was worried to see her opponent ignore the bullets and move towards her. But he only wanted to deliver a message: "Peace is on the march ... mere bullets won't stop it!" He then departed without hurting her. 

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