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Thea Dearden Queen is the 19 year-old daughter in the Queen Family. She is the birth daughter of Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn, the step-daughter of the late Robert Queen, and the late Rebecca Merlyn, the younger half-sister of Oliver Queen and the late Tommy Merlyn, a good friend of Margo, Morgan, Baker, and Sin, and the ex-girlfriend Roy Harper. Thea when first seen was a reckless drug addict with temper issues but time spent with Laurel in the CNRI in community service made her more responsible. Later she met street criminal Roy Harper and fell in love with him and eventually managed to persuade him to a life away from crime. She is now Roy's ex-lover but always new boss of Verdant.

Other Media


Thea appears in 39 episodes in the CW show "arrow".

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