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Over three millennia ago, The Xorda came to Earth seeking to form a peaceful alliance with Humanity but when their emissary arrived on the planet they were captured, used as guinea pigs and dissected by those they originally sought to broker a peace with. Enraged, The Xorda bombarded Earth with Gene-Bombs and wiped out all of Humanity save for those who had left long ago to colonize other worlds.
The Xorda left Earth shortly afterward, unaware that their Gene-Bombs had accelerated the growth of the native wildlife that had endured the Xorda's assault with The Echidna's being the first species to take Humanity's place. This catastrophic event was eventually dubbed The Days of Fury by The Echidnas and every Mobian species who eventually reached their level of intellect.
Three million years later, a Xorda Warship spotted two Human Colony Ships racing through space on their trip back to Earth or Mobius as its new Masters had come to call it over the years. The Xorda immediately attacked the vessels but were unable to destroy either of them before they eventually reached Earth. Nevertheless, The Xorda Warship pursued them with haste and arrived some time after Sonic and Shadow had teamed up to save Mobius from the power of The Chaos Cannon.
Shadow, who had been rescued and revived by The Bem before the arrival of The Xorda Warship, woke up just in time to see his saviors flee the area and bear witness to the coming of The Xorda Warship. Having found he was still in his "Super" form, Shadow attempted to destroy The Xorda but was easily taken down by one of their lasers. Shortly afterward, their Warship appeared high above Megaopolis and began decimating the entire city, rending Robotnik's army of Swatbots asunder and causing Snively to go missing amidst the chaos.
Robotnik attempted to form a temporary alliance with King Maxamillion Acorn but was denied for the moment, leaving the fear-stricken tyrant to ponder his fate. The Xorda then contacted all of Mobius' inhabitants via telepathy and showed them what their Human predecessors had done to them, how their belief that their enemies had been annihilated was wrong and that they would soon correct that "oversight".
Using a device created by Rotor to make contact with The Xorda via telepathic projection, Princess Sally appeared before the Octavian tyrants and tried to broker peace by explaining that Humanity was no longer the dominant species on the planet. The Xorda Commander explained to her that they had already scanned the Mobians DNA upon arrival and found that despite their "cute, furry appearance" every branch of the Mobosapien race had a sizeable percentage of Human DNA stored within their genetic makeup.
Because of this, The Xorda still intended to destroy all life on Mobius, with that said The Xorda forced Sally from their minds and continued making preparations to destroy the planet. Later, The Xorda came under attack from a giant robot created by Robotnik and powered by Sonic's speed and were forced to retreat when it broke through their shields and nearly destroyed the ship.
But their assault on Mobius was far from over, before they left The Xorda communicated with all of Mobius once again and revealed that they had placed a Quantum Dial on one of the planet's magnetic poles and explained its function to them. Once the machine's gears powered up it would begin rotating counter-clockwise, rupturing time and space as it moved until finally, upon completing its rotational cycle, tear open a black hole large enough not only to consume Mobius but the entire Solar System as well.
Once again, The Xorda returned to the starry abyss from which they came, completely unaware that their Quantum Dial had been stopped by Sonic. However, The Xorda continued to patrol the nearby sectors, making it nearly impossible for anyone from The Bem homeworld to travel back to Mobius without being spotted. Sometime later, The Xorda came into contact with The Black Arms, a race just as horrifying as The Xorda, and the two races went to war, caring not the fates of any populated worlds caught in the crossfire.

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