raven575's The X-Men #9 - Enter, the Avengers! review

The X-Men play Pattycake with the Avengers

I know I should save this for the end, but I'm seriously confused. The X-Men stop the villain, "Lucifer", from detonating a bomb that would devastate the earth, and then they just let him go. SERIOUSLY!?! He almost ended life on the planet, but he gets a slap on the wrist? What the fuck? No, it's ok... you apparently caused Professor X's crippled condition almost killed millions of not billions of people, but you can walk away. Dumb.

Homo-sapien: 0

Homo-superior: 0

The only good thing about this book is that they didn't say homo-sapien or superior even once.

Surprisingly, the X-Men held their own against the Avengers, but they were admittedly holding back. This whole book is a bunch of WTF. Why did they have to show the trip on a cruise ship, it didn't add anything to the story. Then the Avengers harass a simple motorist, no real good reason behind that one either.

The whole book was supposed to be about Professor X confronting his attacker, but we didn't see any of the history. How did it happen? What came off it? I went into this book with a ton of questions, being that they have been teasing this story for two books, and they didn't answer a single one. I should have just skipped over this one, without reading it, I would have had a much better day.

Final Thought: So the Prof encountered a villain named "Lucifer" and he turned out to be a pansy... seriously? Lucifer should be a HUGE BIG BAD, not a wimpy villain of the week.

TLDR: Iceman stared down Thor, Lucifer is a pussy and the Beast can catch Captain America's shield?


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