raven575's The X-Men #8 - Unus the Untouchable! review

Prof X Abandons the Children

So this issues starts out like most other issues thus far, ridiculous training scenarios that make virtually no sense.

Homo-sapien: 2

Homo-superior: 1

During the training, Cyclops, the new leader of the X-Men, upsets Beat by being a dick and throwing a optical blast at him after the session had already ended. Beast and Iceman go to their favorite beatnik coffee spot to relax and on the way they see a kid in trouble. Beast saves the kid and gets assaulted by the crowd after saving the kid. Now, if someone goes out of their way to save a child the was stupid enough to climb into a water tower, the last thought I would have is attack the guy who saved him.<!--more-->

I see that Stan is finally starting the turn the public against the mutants. In the first couple issues, the public loved the X-Men, working to let them into restricted government areas and more, but now the public opinion is being swayed against them.

Then this new villain arises after Beast takes up a professional wrestling persona, Unus. This name is not good. I looked it up to see if it was inspired from a mythology or something, it is not. He apparently had a force field generation per that makes him basically invincible.

So , Beast goes back to the mansion and works on a device to defeat the invisible shield, the X-Men return after listing to this new menace, see him working on a device and immediately start attacking him without asking any questions as to his motive... GREAT FUCKING LEADERSHIP CYCLOPS. Dumb ass. So Beast makes a weapon to make Unus power so great that he can't touch anything. After he is subdued, everyone is like, "oh Beast, we knew you we on our side all along." LIARS! They were all against him without even trying to find out why he was doing what he was planning.

Final Thought: Professor left prematurely. A bunch of 18 year olds with super powers should not have been left unattended so quickly. Cyclops is not ready to lead.

TLDR: Cyclops leadership is a joke, Beast is under appreciated, and Professor X should not have left so soon.


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