etragedy's The X-Men #7 - The Return of the Blob review

Average for the Time, Below Average Overall

Another sub-par issue of the X-Men here. The best thing about this issue is that the X-Men graduate, and Professor X chooses Cyclops to be their new leader.

What follows is a pretty standard battle with the Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with their latest recruit, The Blob.

But there's a lot of problems here - during a fight with Magneto, The Blob hits his head and just happens to remember that his memory was erased and decides to join Magneto. The X-Men completely blow their secret identities about 3 times over in a New York coffee house - going so far as to say their friend Scott "is a super powered mutant" and Beast literally bouncing off the walls - but apparently people are too stupid to notice. Later, the X-Men's tactics against (flying) torpedoes is ridiculous.

It's average for the time, below average overall.

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