raven575's The X-Men #7 - The Return of the Blob review

The Graduation Evacuation

In the six previous books, there has apparently been enough time passed for the X-Men to fully go through prep school AND their specialized mutant power training. Ridiculous. I really wish they hadn't just skipped forward for no apparent reason. The just lost the ability to let us watch them grow. Now, if you're reading All-New X-Men in 2012/2013 then this little skip in time is perfect, because the X-Men from the 1960's are pulled into 2012 by Beast. Not sure that all of those dates are accurate, with comic book time and all.

Homo-sapien: 4

Homo-superior: 1

Anyway, back to the book, there have been a couple good changes to the characters. Iceman is portrayed as considerably less annoying, at least for now Stan Lee is making him a little more grown up. Jack Kirby also started drawing him differently, he looks considerably less like a snowman, and dropped the boots. Also, this is the first issue where he fast transforms and accident destroys his clothes. I always thought this transformation was awesome, probably part of my 80's upbringing. I always watched "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" on Saturday mornings, so Iceman and Firestar's costume changes are burned into my nostalgia brain and will always be remembered as awesome.

So, to be cute and funny, Stan Lee wrote some descriptive names, in addition to just listing the contributors and their job, on the front page. "With all the spellbinding skill of", "With the Titanic talent of", but the one that got me was, "With all the words spelled right, by". Now I made a mental note of this because I knew that they would screw it up, and they did. Professor X shows Cyclops the new ESP machine that can find new mutants, and makes a big deal about the name.

"Cerebro, from the Latin word cerebrum, meaning the brain." - Professor X

Two pages later, they screw it up. Cyclops is during asset the desk waiting for the alarm to go off and the letterer spells it wrong calling it "cyberno". Seriously? Sometimes I wonder if they had anyone who would double check their work for errors, were they all that full of themselves... or high? Everyone needs someone to double check their work. I'm not super worried about the writing in this blog, but I have a friend look at it periodically and tell me if it sucks or not. Every creative person should have a trusted person for cheques and balances. So the kids get lucky, barely fight off the BoEM. Actually the Brotherhood really just abandoned ship so that the Blob doesn't decide to retaliate. Cause, in this book, the blob is pretty invincible.

Final Thought: For the love of Bob, I hope they stop giving Magneto bits where he uses mind powers to control people... THAT'S NOT HIS POWER. Geez! Every time it happens its like someone is dragging a nail down my spine.

TLDR: Professor X abandoned the children, Cerebro don't need no stinkin' human, and Magneto carries torpedoes with him all the time.


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