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Beast and Iceman are fighting against a Sentinel, while at a TV show, Larry Trask is discoursing about how dangerous are the mutants and how the X-Men killed his father. Iceman is captured so the Beast could escape and call for help - he the calls Cyclops, Jean and Angel in Egypt and tells them everything, and Angel decides to fly back to US. Inside Trask's HQ, Iceman is arrested together with Lorna Dane and Alex Summers, who is now called Havok because his destructive powers, and has a black costume with some white circles that increases in size when his inside energy increase. Alex tells Bobby that had made and agreement with Larry Trask to save Lorna. Back in Egypt, professor Abdol reveals that he is also a mutant and turns himself back to Living Monolith, and suddenly Sentinels appears and captures him too. In Mesmero's HQ, another Sentinel enters, destroys Magneto (who is actually a robot) and captures Mesmero.

Judge Chalmers enters Trask's HQ as an ally, but ask some questions about all mutants being a menace, and Trask answers that he is sure about that, especially the X-Men. Then Trask told about a promise he had made to his father, about always use a medallion. Suddenly Banshee appears, destroys a Sentinel but is then overpowered by two others. After Larry Trask had order the Sentinels to kill all the mutants, judge Chalmers couldn't afford it, and after a blow at his face, take off his medallion, revealing to the Sentinels that Trask is also a mutant.

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dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no244 0

This is all about Havok and how he has been represented on this cover in a very distinctive fashion. The technique used here by the artist, Neal Adams (I think), seems, to me, to be one that was quite unusual in comics back then (maybe influenced by pop art? Roy Lichenstein?) and although it seems quite archaic in 2008, the result is still a highly effective one. Must have been a bummer for the readers though to find out his costume was black, not orange. I have ranked this cover no 244 as part...

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Where has this been? 0

Huzzah! A pretty good issue, at last. It has its flaws, true: Thomas has the X-Men announce what they are doing, as if the artwork of Neal Adams doesn't communicate it effectively (which it does); Angel refers to himself as the "Avenging Angel," which was what he called himself for less than a week several years ago; and Magneto is a robot (and supposedly was back in the Steranko-lead Magneto/Lorna mini-series) and Mesmero looks like the Green Goblin. Neal Adams's artwork and layout do a fantast...

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