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The Rage of Blastaar! - Jean, Hank and Scott are experimenting with one of Professor X's 'mind machines' when a surge of energy causes them to accidentally release Blastaar from his captivity in the Negative Zone. After that, it's all out war in the X-Mansion as they struggle to deal with the awesomely powered alien threat!

Welcome to the club, Beast - Cyclops, Angel and Iceman rescue young Hank McCoy from El Conquistador, and then he becomes Beast, the fourth X-Man.

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Meanwhile, at Misogynist Headquarters 0

And then this happened. Despite the fact we were promised a story about Cyclops wanted dead or alive last issue, we get a box story full of blobs, blahs, and boring ... blobs and blahs. Blastaar makes an appearance in the X-Universe here, but no one knows why. The creative team at the beginning is mostly a group of newcomers to the series, which could partially explain why the issue is thoroughly horrendous but not why the advertised story was pushed back to the next issue (promised once again a...

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Jack Kirby's Fingerprints Are All Over This Issue 0

Nowhere on this comic will you find Jack Kirby's name, but it has his fingerprints all over it. The X-Men face off against Blastaar one of Jack Kirby's sillier creations, but a distinctively Kirby character nonetheless. Throughout the issue, the art so imitates Kirby's style, that I can't help but suspect that Kirby himself was the layout artist.  The story is also classic Lee and Kirby with Blastaar arriving in the X-Mansion amidst a coruscating energy field, and then spending the next several ...

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