that60sguy's The X-Men #52 - Twilight of the Mutants review

Eric the Unexplained

As most X-Men fans will be aware, the original series was cancelled in the early 70s due to low sales... and this issue is one of the reason for those low sales! Although the overall story of how the X-Men rescue Lorna Dane from Magneto is not bad, THE DIALOGUE IS AWFUL! Throughout the story the interactions between characters seems hollow and leaves the reader not caring. Even the back up story about Beast's origin suffers from this.

It feels like Arnold Drake was rushing the issues hence the poor dialogue. Even the ever dependable Sam Rosen is a let down as conversations are needlessly split into two speech bubbles, ruining the flow of speech. The artwork is adequate but unimpressive

Another major let down is the fact that Cyclops is disguised as Eric the Red without any explanation on how he got the suit or related powers. Of course at this time Eric the Red of Shiar was unknown but nonetheless some explanations as to the origin of the suit should have been given! Overall a poor effort -- especially compared to some of the previous excellent issues

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