raven575's The X-Men #5 - Trapped: One X-man! review

Angel is Lame

Not really sure what the title of this book has to do with the story under the cover. That's one of my best pet peeves of the older 60's, 70's and 80's comics, I hated when they put an image and statement on the cover that had nothing to do with the story inside. I don't like it when you sensationalize something, but don't follow up on your promise. Was Angel really trapped, separated from the rest of the X-Men? Not really... maybe for a few panels, but it wasn't a dire emergency.

Homo-sapien: 2

Homo-superior: 0

Speaking of Angel... do they have to write or his full name EVERY TIME? WE GET IT! His name is Warren Worthington "the third", you don't have to say it every time you reference the character. He's supposed to be a millionaire playboy, but he seems more like a prep school brat with a crush on every girl that doesn't care that he exists.

About the wings, number one, there is no way you're hiding six foot wings under a suit coat without looking like a hunch back, and wings has to be the worst super power ever. Now, you'd probably have a job for life working for Victoria's Secret (which wouldn't be a bad gig), as long as you stayed in shape and looked young, but seriously... wings suck. Okay, so you can fly, but not very fast. They are worthless for defense..."hold on, I'll block that incoming barrage of brick with my feather wings", said no-one, ever. As for offense, you get the equivalent of a medium distance pillow fight. Not threatening at all. Not even the tiniest bit.

Sorry, got off on a tangent. Anyway... surprisingly not very many homo-sapien / superior instances this issue.

Final Thought: If Magneto is powerful enough to remove a chunk of earth and float it into space for an evil villain headquarters, then why is he messing with Earth at all? I realize the desire to "free your fellow mutant brethren", but that's not what he wants in these books. I guess he gets his political later on in the series. So why doesn't he just cultivate some hydroponic gardens, seal o ff the asteroid with his magnetism and live with his friends in peace on his own freakin' asteroid?

TLDR: Angel wings worst super power, Beast never uses his "supposed intelligence", Professor X is a vegetable (sorta) and Magneto is a dummy

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