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Evil Mutants

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (BoEM) make their debut in this book and it has inspired me to do something special. From this book forward, until it stops being so prevalent, I will be doing a count of how many time the phrases homo-sapien and homo-superior get used in each book.

Homo-sapien: 6

Homo-superior: 3

I do this to shed light on the ridiculous overuse of a word/phrase. Once you use such an interesting word/phrase too much, it tends to lose its impact, and therefore becomes mundane and boring. I don't know anyone that uses scientific terms as much as the random characters in these books seem to, and I hang around a fairly intelligent group of people.

Next topic...IT'S BEEN A FUCKING YEAR!?! Ok, seriously? Why would you just skip ahead a full year? I realize that by doing this we may get to stop setting as many ridiculous "training scenes", but we've just lost a ton of time in getting to know these characters. If you want a reader to get behind a group of misfit superheroes, show them struggle to win in situations, and more importantly, show them struggle with their powers and how that affects their connection to humanity. I realize that up to this point the X-Men haven't had a ton of clear victories, but we haven't seen hardly any personal growth. If you spent a year training with someone to fight evil, would you tease them during a training session? Well, yes, you probably would, but it would be about their performance, not something about their personality. You shouldn't want to piss of the guy who watches your back when you're out in the field.

We haven't really been given much info on the Brotherhood yet, other than they bicker and fight almost as much as the X-Men do. I'm still not sure why Magneto stole a Destroyer when it seemed to have no connection to them taking over a town. There were a lot of loose ends and unconnected plot points in this story. They should have gone into more detail in this story and split it into two issues.

Final Thought: I realize the time in which this was created and the amount of time that each creative team had in which to create, edit, print and distribute a book was very small. I also realize that many people had to work on multiple books simultaneously, but seriously... if you are that strapped for time, then drop a book. Better to put out two great books than three crappy ones. Just my opinion.

TLDR: Writing still sucks, Mastermind hates Magneto's kids, and Professor X likes to throw himself at exploding doors for no good reason


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