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Things are getting serious 0

The first few issues of the X-Men are often enjoyable reads but the events depicted were relatively inconsequential. The X-Men encounter an evil mutant, the X-Men fight said evil mutant, they get to go home. They encountered a public bemused with their costumes but ready to shake their hands, flirt with them or thank them for a job well done. This is the issue which establishes that wider humanity treats their mutant offshoots with a mix of hatred and fear. Treating us to a disturbing scene of a...

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"You have made your choice - forever we are mortal foes!" 0

Meanwhile, one year later...(have the X-Men really been training for a year since Jean arrived in issue 1?)  With this issue, X-Men begins to hit its initial stride.  Lee and Kirby finally deliver an issue with layers of conflict, genuine motivation, and a satisfactory payoff.  The House of Ideas was big on beginning their new series with origin stories, but the X-Men did not really get one, nor do the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Though Xavier told us a bit of his origin in issue 1 (being born...

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Beastie Boys VS Vanilla Ice 0

Overview   The X-Men are training in the Danger Room again. Like seriously wow, I think all modern issues should follow suit. The focus is on Beast initially. He jumps around and is all beasty on a obstacle course. Actually thats kind of random? I mean, does Xavier like spend all day sticking giant metal discs on ceilings to drop? Oh, and then its crazy, because a part of Beast's obstacles, is a big pool, and there is a rope... but Xavier painted a piece of paper to look like rope? So basically ...

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The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants 0

An exhilaratingly action-packed issue for the X-Men this month as they come face to face with their arch nemesis, Magneto and his newly formedBrotherhood of Evil Mutants. Slowly but surely chipping away the broad corners, Lee and Kirby continue to develop the X-Men mythos away from your standardised superhero group tact and more towards what they would become known for. The heroes are still kind of undefined at this stage, but it's still early days, and progress is definitely being shown.What's ...

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Evil Mutants 0

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (BoEM) make their debut in this book and it has inspired me to do something special. From this book forward, until it stops being so prevalent, I will be doing a count of how many time the phrases homo-sapien and homo-superior get used in each book.Homo-sapien: 6Homo-superior: 3I do this to shed light on the ridiculous overuse of a word/phrase. Once you use such an interesting word/phrase too much, it tends to lose its impact, and therefore becomes mundane and bor...

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The Classic Magneto Story 0

Magneto is the X-Men's oldest foe, having appeared in the first issue, but this fourth issue is the definitive early Magneto story. This time he's got a naval warship and a team of his own, 'The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' on his side. I've never really cared for that team name, I mean most villains don't really consider themselves evil, do they? They think what they're doing is right. That's certainly the case with Magneto, who contacts Xavier telepathically in what will be the first of a lon...

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