raven575's The X-Men #3 - Beware the Blob review

The Blob

Surprisingly this book didn't make me want to wretch. This is the first book where Stan Lee has finally started to actually develop the characters of the X-Men. Cyclops starts to be the brooding leader character that we all know, Beast is finally shown to be an intellectual, and Iceman is still really, really childish.

What's again we are treated to a ridiculous training segment at the beginning of this book, and then Cyclops and Professor X have thought bubbles about being in love with Jean Grey.

So the X-Men are sent out to find a new mutants in the city. After being tricked by simple things, like magnifying glasses and simple glass structures, they finally find the Blob. Then their first thought is, "Let's take him back to our secret hideout." Really!?! They spend the rest of the book fighting off henchman and the Blob in an effort to reverse that one stupid move. Once again, Professor X has to mind wipe a bunch of people to cleanup after the mess they made.

This book had some horrid writing to it, but it was leaps and bounds better than the first two issues. At least they're starting to form personalities to the characters.

Final Thought: Maybe you should gauge someone's interest in joining your private, exclusive club before bringing them to your secret lair in the bright of day... without a blindfold or something.

TLDR: Professor X is a pedophile, Cyclops is broody, Beast is pretentious and everyone wants to sex Jean


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