raven575's The X-Men #2 - No One Can Stop the Vanisher review

The Vanisher?

Another day, another painful stretch and another classic X-Men book.

This book starts out weird again with all of the X-Men running or flying to get to school on time. I'm guessing they were trying to build up some type of character for the X-Men but failed miserably. Apparently the world trusts a bunch of teenagers in costumes without any reason and lets them do whatever they want. This is book number two and they've already walked into a military installation with no problems and just walk around the city with their costumes on, nothing weird about that.

I would've much preferred they focus on one character, as they come to the school, that way they can actually help develop the character and give them multiple situations to have to overcome as opposed to giving each character one.

Apparently, Stan Lee has already forgotten what powers he decided to give the X-Men because in this issues he has a typo where he says that Jean Grey has teleportation. When the guys finally get to the school they have a 1960s workout montage with Iceman being a spoiled brat.

Finally, after what seemed like minutes of training, the X-Men finally take on "the Vanisher". This guy seems like a real dolt, I'm pretty sure it was common for writers in this era to spell out what was already happening in the art, but Stan is really bad at this. Oh, and it felt like he was really pushing the phrase "Homo Superior" pretty hard. 'Cause I'm sure that was common knowledge in 1963. Either that or he and Magneto must have recently had coffee together and talked it over.

Ok, moving on... the X-Men get their butts kicked (figuratively speaking) and Professor X decides to go on the field mission with them. Then, and this blows my mind, he decides that it's necessary to mind wipe a common criminal instead of apprehending him.

Final Thought: When trying to blackmail a government for money, who specifies that it should be tax free? Seems kinda ridiculous.

TLDR: The X-Men come to school, the Vanisher is a tool, Professor X is still a dick

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