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The X-Men...Grey's Anatomy Edition

I wasn't very clear until the second page of this issue, but this seems to be a continuation of the fallout after the three Sentinels books. Not even into the second page and Professor X had already mentally controlled the mind of a high ranking human.

Looking at all angles of this act, I'm not sure that the X-Men are better than the villains that they fight. Now, they don't intentionally hurt anyone, but their action cost the safety of thousands of people and likely a ton of property damage. Just to be clear, I'm not siding with the anti-mutants, but I don't think it's appropriate to mind control someone with the plan of "Maybe if I do this long enough, he'll eventually see my side of things."

Back to the comic. Professor X "visits" the X-men at the hospital and keeps telling them telepathically to never remove their masks, to stay in costume, keep their identities secret...then he uses Beast's real last name in casual conversation. WTF!?! If you are so worried about secrets why would you blurt out his real name? I'm guessing that was a typo, but if your story is starting out with secret identities being a big deal, putting a ton of emphasis on them, then why would that typo slip past the editorial staff. Once again I am certain that nobody actually read this book before it went to print.

Jack Kirby was a classically amazing artist, but I am happy to see the artist change on this book. Kirby was very much a stickler with how a comic so be laid out. This new artist is more casual in his layout. This is the first issue that I can remember having a full page dedicated to one character. The page with Angel flying is actually pretty cool. It give me a sense of freedom that they are trying to convey in the book.

Angel, Cyclops and the Professor each get captured in their own home, and the mystery villain seems to know them from a previous encounter. This book is losing my attention very quickly. Beast an Jean Grey (I just can't bring myself to call her Marvel Girl) run out of the hospital...through a window. This wouldn't be weird if not for Stan Lee's horrible writing.

Of Course! I forgot -- I can float myself down gently by mean of my power of levitation!" - Jean Grey

So...what you're saying is...Jean jumped out of a three story window and just happen to forget that she can safely float down? She was reminded of her own mutant power by Beast? Seriously!?! I think that Stan treats the women that he's writing like complete dolts. I mean, it seem like he wants Jean to be completely stupid. I'm glad that other writers have taken her character and made her a strong, intelligent person. (I can't wait to get to the Phoenix Saga)

Jean versus the mysterious villain. He seems to be able to shrug off her telekinetic attacks, and having made traps for all of the X-Men, he has divided them all up to be able to take them out individually. Smart guy.

The X-Men then get put in a balloon to be lifted into space and Angel's parents come to the school for a visit. They are greeted by someone that says "I? I Am Power--!!" Well that means the mystery villain has to be...Magneto. Full page image of Magneto and end.

Final Thoughts: Ok, so apparently Magneto was just being weighed down by the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (BoEM), in this issue he takes them out individually pretty easily. So why was is so hard the other time he has tried to do it? Also, how did he have so much time to build such elaborate traps? The X-Men weren't gone all that long fighting the Sentinels. Comic book physics...oh well.

TLDR: The X-Men recover in a hospital, get destroyed one by one and MAGNETO IS POWER..again.

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