raven575's The X-Men #14 - Among Us Stalk... the Sentinels! review

The Sentinels' Big Heads

Great...the kids get a "vacation" and the Professor has to deal with the blowback of the "Mutant Menace."

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I've clearly read a bunch of these books so far, this being review number 14 and all, but this one was hard pressed to keep my attention. I usually blow right through the book with no problems, even if it's bad, at least it evokes some emotion in me. Whether a book makes me happy, sad, or angry, it it causing me to think and feel. This book for the first several pages did none of the above.

Now, I could just make this review simple by saying, "this character did this thing and this other character did..." but that's boring. That's not why people read reviews, at least that's not why I read them. People read reviews because they are looking for some insight into a book, movie, or whatever. They are looking to see if someone else saw something that they didn't see or maybe something they saw as well, to help create a sense of community around a thought or idea. So, I will try me best to never do a play-by-play review.

Anyway, the professor goes on television and talks in a debate about mutantkind. The sentinels are brought out and go haywire. Now these aren't the sentinels that you know and love to hate. These guys look ridiculous, they are about 7 or 8 feet tall and have inappropriately disproportionate heads. They look more funny than scary. So a fight commences and nobody cares.

So early in this altercation, Professor X mentions that he couldn't use his mental powers against them, "My mental power is useless against a mechanical brain!" Yet, just a few pages later, he somehow manages to read a location from a disabled sentinel. WTF! Seriously Stan? You can't even follow your own writing for a whole issue. I'm done with this issue. My brain is turned off. I can't believe this crap. I just really hope this gets at least a little better in the next issue.

Final thought: A comic that doesn't evoke any emotion in the reader is nothing more than worthless paper.

TLDR: Wish i hadn't read this, Fuck you Stan, and...I got nothin' else.


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