raven575's The X-Men #13 - Where Walks the Juggernaut! review

Fatty Legs McGee vs The Wheel Chair Wonder

The unstoppable Juggernaut versus a cripple in a wheel chair? Who you got?

Dammit Stan! You can't even be bothered to proof read your own writing can you? Don't give me any crap...Liquid Paper was invented in 1955 so you don't have any excuses. PROOF READ YOUR SHIT! Hehe...even as I write the in all caps, I realize that I barely, if ever proof read my writing. Then again, I'm not getting paid for this either. So, Stan forgets that Jean is a telekinetic and a telepath, and writes the word "teleport" to describe what she is doing, which is clearly wrong.

Professor X leaves the room to fix up his "Super Helmet" and Cyclops tells Angel that his power sucks, again. Something strange from this issue, apparently the X-Mansion doesn't currently have a basement. Cyclops puts a hole in the floor and directly beneath the floor is what appears to be dirt and rock. Hmm. Maybe Juggernaut helps out a bit by saving them the cost of having to rent a back hoe in the future. So they fight a bit more, not really hurting the Juggernaut, but at least distracting him. Then Cyclops blasts Angel in the neck, good job "Leader".

The Professor starts reaching out to a couple super heroes and apparently a group called the "Teen Brigade", who are just a bunch of kids with a HAM radio (I thought you had to have a license to use a HAM radio). Daredevil turns down the cry for help because his is in a court case, not really sure how he would have helped anyway. Then the Prof contacts Johnny Storm (The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four), he thinks it's a villain and ignores it.

The Juggernaut has little problem beating Iceman and almost breaking Beast's leg, but is then tricked into entering the Danger Room. This whole book has been a bunch of "Keep Away", with the goal to give Professor X more time to call...the Human Torch? So Johnny, politely, parks his friends' car in front a meter, doesn't pay the meter and flies away.

He quickly arrives on the scene and starts blasting the Juggernaut with fireballs, after realizing that doesn't work he switched to dizzying him and blinding him. Angel then flies and grabs the helmet off the Juggernaut. The Professor easily takes out old Juggy with his "Brain Power" and the fight is over. To thank Johnny Storm for his help in defeated this menace the Professor...wipes his mind? Really? What an asshole. Do you really have to mind wipe everyone you come in contact with? No wonder he doesn't have any friends. Also, he he messed with Johnny's memory, how far did he go back? Does Johnny remember borrowing his friends' car or where he parked it? Mind wiping...it's not just rude, it's also inconvenient.

Final Thought: Now, what I'm curious about is...if the Human Torch already had the Juggernaut dizzy and blinded, why didn't he just fly over and grab the helmet? Why did, a very badly beaten, Angel have to fly into more danger? Did the Professor think that he might need his ass kicked a little more?

TLDR: Juggernaut is irrationally angry, The Human Torch forgets where he parked his car and everyone is injured (except Jean who HAS to act as a nurse to a bunch of horny boys)

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Jean isn't a telepath yet at this point, although I agree with his choice in words. I personally dislike how he keeps having them think out lound

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