byzantine's The X-Men #13 - Where Walks the Juggernaut! review

Another supposedly unstoppable foe

After the solid origin story and building of suspense in the previous issue, this one seems more of a let down. Juggernaut is an "unstoppable" foe who can not be physically harmed. He is the third such foe in this title alone, following the Blob and Unus.  His visuals aren't particularly impressive, unless you enjoy seeing guys in tight shorts. Most of his dialogue is trash-talk.  
Unlike the Blog, Jug is relatively easy to move. Back in #7, Jean nearly exhausted herself to barely manage to lift Blob. Here she easily lifts Jug twice. Once to dispose of him in an underground hole opened by Scott. The other time to delay him from getting to Xavier. Which is the goal of the X-Men for most of this issue. Cain has trouble even knocking out Scott and Warren. Who are not exactly physical powerhouses.  
Meanwhile Xavier uses a device to enhance his mental powers. In the process sending random mental waves all over New York. Among the various persons receiving them is the Human Torch. It was an accident but Xavier decides to recruit him for the battle. Actually I found the initial pages with Mr. Storm to be the most enjoyable in this issue. He is hanging out with his usual buddies, racing drivers and mechanics. He hopes to be able to take part in their next race. But they have long resigned themselves to the fact that he rarely finishes such events, flying off to face another "nutty" super-villain. They have trouble understanding his motivation for being a costumed crime-fighter. Johhny admits "Maybe I'm a mental case and don't know it". Right before starting listening to voices in his head. While he recognizes Xavier as the "Leader of the X-Men", he is hesitant to respond to the call. Figuring it might be the latest trap set by Dr. Doom or the Wizard. A single page updating any reader with all the complexities of the Torch's life.  
Anyway, Xavier has a plan. He has the Torch use his brightest flames to temporarily blind Cain. Then Angel maneuvers himself past Cain's defenses and removes the villain's protective helmet. Then Cain becomes an easy target for Xavier's telepathy. That is it for him. At least for now. Though Xavier arguably sounds just as villainous when proclaiming "I am the Master here again" while bringing Cain to his knees. Down on his knees, Cain keeps crawling towards him. Desperately struggling while explaining his motivation. "No! You can't beat me! You can't! You were always the winner ... even when we were young... I hated you. I swore I'd vanquish you some day! And I will... I will!" Which sounds as if Cain has an inferiority complex, viewing Xavier as his better. That besting him is his sole goal in life is rather sad.  
The Professor then wipes the memory of Johnny. It is intended to have one less person aware of the location of the X-Men's headquarters. But is the first time he uses this move on allies and not opponents. The issue finishes with Hank, Robert, Scott, and Warren bedridden patients and Jean nursing them back to health. Xavier is eager to have them clean-up the mansion. Considering they had most of their headquarters' demolished and suffered various injuries, the comic tone seems misplaced.  
The issue clears up one thing, Juggernaut is scary, Xavier is scarrier. Cain brakes bodies, Xavier breaks minds.

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