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Jean is now residing on Muir Island with Alex, Lorna and Jamie, where Moira MacTaggert can begin testing on her strange Phoenix powers. In the shadows, a man that once was Angus MacWhirter is hidden and hungry. Jean still thinks her friends X-Men are all dead, including Cyclops, the man she loved.

Meanwhile, the X-Men are training hard in Danger Room and Wolverine angered with Scott. In Shiar Empire, Xavier has known about Jean and the Phoenix Force and is concerned, as much as Moira is in Muir Island. Then Moira realizes that the Mutant X had escaped from his prison and her mental scream gets to Jean, who flies toward her. Suddenly, Jean is transported to the 18th century with another outfit, but quickly returns and is attacked by Angus, who knocked her down.

Back at X-Mansion, the X-Men have just been re-united with the Beast, excited with the knowledge that both he and Jean have survived the Magneto ordeal, when they get a call from Lorna asking them to help with a mysterious attacker!

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