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With the construction of a massive citadel by the Sun-People threatening the ecosystem of the Savage Land, the X-Men have agreed to help Ka-Zar prevent destruction.

The X-Men are still at the Savage Land, helping Ka-Zar against the Garokk, who is draining all energy from the Savage Land to become more power. Because of that, the winter comes to the Savage Land for the first time since it was built. Men that work for Zaladane attack the X-Men and capture Banshee, Ka-Zar, Colossus and Cyclops. It is up to Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and Zabu to rescue them and take down the Garokk and his minions. Wolverine talks to Zabu and order him to call backup from the Fall People. The three X-Men sneak into the enemy fortress and release Colossus, who the defeat the minions by himself. Garokk escapes but Cyclops follows him. At the top of the fortress city, they battle with full power and suddenly Banshee uses his sonic scream to destroy the city. The Sun-God fells to abyss and Storm saves Cyclops, but couldn't save Garokk. Fifteen days after the battle, when the ice melts at savage Land, the X-Men can start their trip by boat throw the Drake's Passage.

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