raven575's The X-Men #11 - The Triumph of Magneto! review

Magneto Takes a Sabbatical

I started to get my hopes up to early it seems. The first couple of issues were not good, then it seemed to get a little better, and then the last couple of issues destroyed my hopes again. Damn you Stan...I know I had heard that you're writing was not good, and that you got by on your family connections and an admittedly good business sense, but really? This is just awful.

Homo-sapien: 0

Homo-superior: 1

Issues like these really makes me wish I hadn't like Stan Lee so much. I should have know better from having seen some of his more recent movie and animation creations. Stan Lee, with help, can come up with some great characters, but that is all. It takes a much better mind to make those creations iconic. That being said, each of these issues that suck, steal a little bit of my soul.

Anyway...they debut a new character which apparently can do anything he wants to. Most likely a cosmic entity, "The Stranger" doesn't seem like the type of character to have needed a room to rent. Which makes me ask the question...was "money creation" one of his powers? That whole situation seemed weird. You might be asking, "why aren't you saying anything about the first 6-8 pages?" Because nothing happened and you might as well have ripped out random page 2's from some of the previous comics and reworded them. Same crap writing with almost no purpose.

So this cosmic being, "The Stranger" shows up, finds Magneto and his BoEM and their first thought is, "Let's show him our powers by using them on him." Yeah, that would make me trust you. After you wrap me up in flying metal pieces and show me visions of hell, we're gonna be best of friends. So, naturally, he retaliates. Instantly taking out Mastermind, then the X-men barge in and take out Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch stops fighting.

Magneto, Toad and the Stranger escape only to find out the the Stranger is taking them hostage. Then he wraps them into a nice package and flies off into space. Goodbye Magneto. See ya Later.

Final Thoughts: Why did we need a whole book devoted to Magneto leaving the series for a while? Did they really have to "Soap Opera Kill" him to get him out of the way? Maybe this was just a plan to turn Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch into good guys. If that's the case, they should have come up with a better idea.

TLDR: Cyclops and Jean should just get it on and over with, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Switch sides (kinda) and Professor X doesn't want his ugly mug in the papers

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