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Following his defeat at the hands of Black Tom and the Juggernaut, Nightcrawler's unconscious body is pulled through the secret passageways of Cassidy Keep by a group of Leprechauns. When Nightcrawler awakens, he is finds himself surrounded by creatures that he thought were creatures of myth...

It is up to Nightcrawler to rescue the captured X-Men from the clutches of the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy. He is not alone, however, for he has the help of some very unusual allies... Leprechauns from Cassidy Deep. He discovers Eric the Red is behind this battle. He also discovers a new feature of his own mutant powers: in shadows, his body becomes invisible.

Black Tom is torturing the other X-Men and Nightcrawler uses his image inducer to look like Xavier and starts a battle with the two villains. During this, Juggernaut punches through the wall, revealing the sky to Storm, who was in a claustrophobic panic, but is now free to use her powers and she helps Wolverine and Colossus to escape with a hurricane. Black Tom and Juggernaut have Banshee as their captive and blackmail the X-Men, but the X-Men fight back, and Nightcrawler frees Banshee. After a sword fight with his cousin (their mutant powers cancel each other), Banshee throws Black Tom from the tower and Juggernaut jumps in the water after him.

At the end, Eric the Red talks to a strange man on a TV, who tells him that Princess Neramani is coming and he tells Eric that she must not be allowed to contact the X-Men. Eric ends saying he has found a worthy ally and we see Magneto on one of the screens.

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