raven575's The X-Men #10 - The Coming Of... Ka-Zar! review

Antactica is Full of Racism

So today we introduce Ka-Zar, Lord of the Jungle, and his pet/brother, the sabertooth tiger, Zabu. Long story, skip over the first 6-8 pages, short... the X-Men haven't been in a battle in a while and are getting antsy, so after seeing a TV broadcast, decided to investigate Antarctica.

They magically find the hidden entrance to the Savage Land, and immediately get attacked by wild, prehistoric, animals . So ridiculous... so Ka-Zar just so happens to hear them getting attacked and comes to the rescue. After they are safe, Beast makes, what looks to be a sexual advance towards Ka-Zar.

"Say, that's a remarkable pair of biceps you've got there, Ka-Zar," Beast says while touching the complete stranger.

Ka-Zar freaks out, as well as any rape victim should, and attacks the X-Men. Luckily, they all get attacked again, this time by what appear to be less evolved savages, and here comes the racism. Their battle cry against Ka-Zar is some bullshit about him being a "smooth skin"... racist. Then, the neanderthal's capture Jean in the confusion. OK, so here's an incredible oversight, after Ka-Zar easily defeats the "caveman", Cyclops grabs him and says thank you...hello!?! That's what made him flip out and attack you in the first place. Dumbass.

Next, Angel flies into a trap, because he is pretty much worthless. I can't wait until Apocalypse make him into the "Archangel" I know and love. I can't stress that it can't possible happen soon enough. So now both Angel and Jean are held captive and about to be fed to a fuckin' T-Rex. Cause that's the kind of "tame creature" I would keep as a pet it I live in the Savage Land...one that would eat my whole family without blinking...and, HE'S NOT EVEN ON A CHAIN OR ANYTHING! Seriously!?! How do they get him to go back into his cage? Bribe him with candy?

So Jean calls Angel, Scott. Bad editing. So Angel's bright idea is, "set me loose...I can stop it", yeah because one dude with feathery wings is gonna do better than telekinetically throwing boulders at its face and tripping its feet. So she does and Angel tries to fly away with Jean, but he's not fast enough, BECAUSE HE SUCKS, and is caught by the neanderthals.

I can't wait for this book to be over. The rest of the gang "storm the castle", Beast really starts to show his "distaste for violence" attitude and Ka-Zar save the day by calling in some woolly mammoths. There...its done. Iceman does some stuff and they all leave.

Final Thought: WTF!

  1. Why did they feel the need to go to Antarctica and screw things up.
  2. They achieved nothing there other than making a new friend. They solved no real crisis. At least not one they didn't cause by their own presence.

TLDR: Ka-Zar is the new black...person, the X-Men bumble their way through life, and I don't care about this story.


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