raven575's The X-Men #1 - X-Men review

Well...It's a start

So X-Men #1, from 1963. Now, I have been reading comics since I was about 9 years old, I have read and enjoyed books from many different genres and eras. I have never really read an iconic title (one with more than 500 books) from beginning to end. Thanks to this new digital age of comics, this task is easier than ever before. So here I go, X-Men, start to finish.

I am starting this in 2012, so I realize that printing and design equipment has come extremely far since 1963, but most of my issues with this book aren't from the classic Jack Kirby drawings, it's from Stan Lee's horrible writing. The dialogue seems disjointed and awkward, but the worst part is that it seems like Stan had no knowledge of how magnetism actually works.

TLDR: Scott Summers (Cyclops) is named Slim, all of the men are horny pigs, Jean is a piece of ass, Professor X is a dick and I'm gonna hate slugging through Stan Lee's writing.


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