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Where It All Began... 0

In this very first issue, we get introductions from Professor Xavier, his X-Men, the Danger Room, and the villain Magneto. The X-Men are training in the Danger Room when Professor X summons them to introduce their new member, Marvel Girl. All the guys are smitten with her and try to impress her (except for Cyclops who is all insecure with himself and stuff). Meanwhile, Magneto is concocting a diabolical plan that involves stealing a U.S. military base. The X-Men come to the rescue of the soldier...

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Seven characters introduced 0

The X-Men series gets a decent start with the introductions of Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Magneto, Marvel Girl, and Professor X. While not exactly an origin story for any them, it helps establish a few facts  *Professor X is loaded, with a private mansion, a modified Rolls Royce and a jet. He gives a brief mention of both of his parents working in the Atomic bomb project. Too bad this clue will only be explored further in his father's origin instead of his mother's. He mentions facing prejud...

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The Legend Begins... 0

Writing a review of a 47-year-old comic book would be very difficult under normal circumstances, but writing one for something like this, the first issue of the X-Men, is nearly impossible unless we can agree to judge it only by the standards of its age, not by ours. The dialogue may seem cheesy to us, the art foreign, and the characterization wholly alien, but when we remove the scope of the modern lens, we can start to truly understand this book. That being said, however, this issue is not per...

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Teenage Ambition 0

Little remains to be said about this issue, especially after byzantine's rather thorough summary and review.  One thing that stood out to me when re-reading this again was the meticulous precision Xavier requires: three seconds for this, three seconds for that.  I suppose that is a good tactic, but their training sessions in the first few issues seem so brief it's hard to tell when they actually do their real training (in between issues/major battles, most likely).   Another noteworthy element i...

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X-Men 0

So by now it's been, what, six months since Marvel's newest full-time superhero made his debut in Tales of Suspense 39? So yeah, it's about time we got somebody new to read about now that The Incredible Hulk has been sent packing—and that we do. In fact, we get six new heroes somewhat out of the blue here with the introduction of the X-Men.As far as origin stories go, this one is one of the better ones so far (behind Spider-Man and Iron Man), though you can tell that Stan and company view the pr...

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Merry Mutants & Crazy Contraptions 0

Overview  It all started here, for X-Men. It feels odd reviewing such an old issue. Half the fun is just in how odd and old it is. Well I say half but really aside from the historic value its the main draw to me. Xavier has a school, but *gasp* its not like your typical school, its a school for wizards! Oh wait no, sorry, its a school for mutants. Iceman is the young, immature, jokester, (who also snows up and runs around naked in ice form throwing snow as his power) Angel is the rich handsome d...

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Well...It's a start 0

So X-Men #1, from 1963. Now, I have been reading comics since I was about 9 years old, I have read and enjoyed books from many different genres and eras. I have never really read an iconic title (one with more than 500 books) from beginning to end. Thanks to this new digital age of comics, this task is easier than ever before. So here I go, X-Men, start to finish.I am starting this in 2012, so I realize that printing and design equipment has come extremely far since 1963, but most of my issues w...

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A Good Start But Needs Some Fine Tuning 1

Of all the long running series Marvel has ever produced, my favorite, by far, would have to be the X-Men. I was always attracted to the misfit/outsider type books like this and D.C.'s Doom Patrol. And while much has been made of the X-Men's resemblance to that team, I won't go into that here as I think that can most likely be chalked up to an 'uncanny' coincidence.More likely, Stan Lee read the 1953 science fiction novel 'Children of the Atom' (a term he even uses for the X-Men in future issues)...

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What's An X-Men? 0

Well this is it. The start of the series that would one day begin the inexorable rise of the superhero movie genre. It is surprising how recognisable a lot of the characters, places and weapons introduced in this issue and yet there are interesting differences small and large that stick out and are almost disquieting.The Beast is the furthest removed from his eventual character. He’s an oaf and a boar, little more than a normal looking Hulk (who himself was a literate and talkative charact...

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